Hello Dear One,

For two decades I’ve been working with spiritual pilgrims and their shepherds as a soul friend, pastor, teacher and co-learner in this wondrous journey of life nourished by the teachings of Jesus of Nazareth and other sacred wisdom.

Soul Care: One-on-one sessions, in person or via Skype, are available for individuals who seek to strengthen their alignment with the Holy regardless of their spiritual tradition. My approach is simple: I create a “Tent of Meeting” where we listen for your soul’s own wisdom. Using techniques from classic spiritual direction, pastoral counseling, modern brain science, and ancient sacred teachings I accompany you as your soul friend – “anam cara” in Gaelic.

Living Liturgies: Our print and online materials — prayers, study guides, rituals — for personal devotion and public worship feature modern language, respect for all persons and a living dialogue with the Christian tradition. Please see the “Living Liturgies” tab and our “Living Liturgies” Facebook page for more information about free and subscription materials.

Coloring Sheets and Books: To the popular movement of adult coloring we enfold sacred practice. Many of our images reflect a dialogue with classic religious symbolism, all invite an open spirit and desire to slow down and listen to the inner self. Our images are also used in worship, including as bulletin covers, slides, and on-line promotions. Please see the “Coloring Sheets and Books” tab for more information about subscription materials.

Workshop and Retreat Leadership: Group learning provides opportunities to develop new skills during seasons of growth. I help your group locate a solid faith anchor while you explore new waters together. Please see the “Workshop and Retreat Leadership” tab for more information.

Minister and Consultant: I am a authorized, ordained minister of the United Church of Christ (Congregational) who is currently serving the First Congregational Church of Martinez, UCC in the San Francisco Bay Area of California part-time. I’m also available for specialized work with individuals and congregations with special needs, in accordance with ethical practices of your community.