Ms. Jenny Stockton

     Rev. Kathryn Schreiber is an inspiring and captivating speaker.  She brings to life the Bible stories and helped me empathize with the characters to learn the lessons of bravery and commitment to Christian values of charity and endurance in times of trouble. I recall one sermon where she portrayed a grieving mother who lost a son to religious persecution for following the teacher Jesus Christ. This brought me the sense that Bible stories are relevant to modern day experiences and deepened my sense of connection with characters in the stories, with their awesome commitment and sacrifice.
     I worked for a short time with Kathryn on a worship planning team at our church where she was  lead minister while our senior minister was on sabbatical. I am a single mom raising two school-aged children and Kathryn always considered this in our meetings, listening to my perspective and incorporating relevant themes into her sermons.  She enjoyed my kids in service, even if they did not fully participate.  We always felt celebrated in her service leadership.
     Kathryn is a supportive and loving person but also efficient at running meetings. In our worship planning team meetings, she listened to different points of view and guided us to very good compromise. In our work together, we grew more aware of our personal, important role in helping guide the church congregation.
Ms. Jenny Stockton, member of Arlington Community Church, UCC in Kensington, CA