Mapping Joy: an online spring spiritual practice March 6 to April 21, 2019

mapping joy 2019

(c) Rev. Kathryn M Schreiber, 2019

Join us online — Facebook page “In the Big Love” for this new way of practicing spiritual care together via social media. (see our Event: “Mapping Joy”)

We will tend our triggered and weary souls by intentionally opening ourselves to joy – yes, joy!

This practice is not meant to costume or avoid real hurts and challenges, rather both ancient wisdom and modern neurochemistry teach us that to stay in the good fight we have to first be nourished by the good. And so, we will intentionally map those places and moments when we encounter joy.

How to prepare for the practice? You may wish to designate a notebook (we like something unlined) for capturing thoughts and images as we move through these 46 days. You may wish to set up a quiet space at home for displaying items that help you in this practice. You might wish to set aside a regular time to check online or continue an earlier posting tip. This is a rules-free spiritual practice – a flowing of good intention and support. Make the practice work for you.

And, a bit of reality – while our intention is to offer a new post daily – that might not happen. We will daily hold in prayer all on this journey. And very frequently, possibly daily, we will post a practice, or an image, or a thought with your well-being in mind. We invite you to share your joyful findings, too.

While there is no fee for this practice, we hope you’ll do two things to support our work. a) If you enjoy our content, please share and invite others to join us, and b) if you would like to financially support our efforts, please email us at inthebiglove@gmail.