Workshop and Retreat Leadership

During COVID 19 we are not offering these services. 

Recent programs include:


“Discerning Spirits” – Four 3-hour + sessions, one class per week, for leaders seeking spiritual alignment while leading change, including transitions of their own careers. Classes include required reading (via dropbox), practice of various spiritual techniques, as well as small group sharing and support. Each session includes opening and closing worship.


“Praying with a Home Altar” – a 3-hour workshop to explore prayer with objects using daily ritual and prayer to focus spiritual alignment.  Didactic and applied, this is a time to pray and discuss prayer with fellow seekers.


“Jesus and Adaptive Leadership” – workshop for Christian leaders guiding groups through unfamiliar territory.  Day-long workshop teaches an organizational theory through the lens of stories about Jesus and then guides participants in applying the techniques to their ministries.


“Models of Ministry” — 2-hour workshop using stories about Jesus’ ministry to discuss ministry expectations and delivery.  Church members, pastors and regional ministers explore how size of community impacts ideas and realities of various pastoral models.  Wonderful tool for moving from critique of minister’s personality to styles of leadership. 



I’m happy to develop content for you special needs and the unique context of your group. Please inquire for more information or to schedule one of the listed classes or workshops in your area.


For information about costs and availability, please contact me, Rev. Kathryn Schreiber, via email: or phone: 510-921-6905.