Coloring Sheets and Books


The simple act of coloring stills and focuses our spirit. We turn away from devices which entertain and inform to settle into listening to our personal, inner knowing. A coloring page offers a safe space to listen to our intuition – What area to color? What color to use? These surprisingly simple choices shift the gears of consciousness. Like any spiritual practice, they also align us with the ever-present Holy One and our souls are blessed.

We create modern images inspired by sacred images from the past to help you engage your soul and speak with God. Some of the images include spaces for writing your own prayers or thoughts, all are offered as tools to support your personal prayer life.  Images also come with special prayers or rituals to support the theme of the drawings.

These images are designed to stand alone or as a series. They coordinate with Living Liturgies’ seasonal devotion and worship text resources and may be used as production art for worship covers and slides, according to subscription rate. For other uses, please contact us:

Because the life of the soul is well tended by imagery, we frequently post soul-care images and readings via our Facebook page “Living Liturgies” and sister page “In the Big Love Ministry.” Please follow us!

Subscription offerings are posted on this website. We are also available to prepare custom graphic content. For information about costs and availability, please contact Rev. Kathryn Schreiber, via email: or phone: 510-921-6905.