Creation Awaits Christ Worship Series for Advent-Christmas


© Kathryn M Schreiber, 2017. Fits Advent-Christmas Year B.


4-Sunday Morning Services, 1-Christmas Eve Service. 35-pages of original content. Includes “Christmas Tree of Creation” Coloring Sheet.

14-page “Creation Awaits Christ” Advent-Christmas devotional booklet is available separately.

If the only Christ we know is Jesus of Nazareth, our Christ is too small. Biblically based, each service features a direct dialogue between the prophetic writings of the book of Isaiah and passages from Mark and Luke’s gospels. These down-to-earth readings ground us in clear natural symbols as we join all Creation in awaiting the re-birth of Christ.

The purpose of the series is four-fold:

  • To encourage an expansive Christology, open to God’s evolving incarnation, uniquely emerging as needed;
  • To track attention on current events and phenomena, including climate change, by aligning us with those on the frontlines of vulnerability;
  • To unpack ancient Hebrew symbolism revealing God’s wisdom, etched in scripture, as newly relevant;
  • To shake up the Advent season by stepping away from predictable messages to be “woke” to God’s contemporary in-breaking.

Each service contains scripture notations, meditation quote, Advent/Christ Candle ritual, prayers, Children’s Time, and sermon reflections. Also included, suggestions for worship music, additional readings, decorations and mission ideas. Please see details below. Content is delivered via emailed PDF files, though WORD documents are available to Public Use subscribers for ease in creating production media.

Follow our FB page “Living Liturgies” for supporting images and quotes throughout the Advent-Christmas holiday season.

1st Sunday of Advent “Awaiting Christ: Looking to the Heavens” (Worship Service includes Holy Communion) Scripture: Isaiah 64:1-2a “Come Down” and Mark 13:24-27 “In the Clouds.” What do we see when we look up at the skies? Is there a cosmic solution to our troubles?

2nd Sunday of Advent “Awaiting Christ: Listening to the Wilderness” (Worship Service includes Baptism) Scripture: Isaiah 40:3, 6-9 “Desert Highway” and Mark 1:4-8 “River Baptism.” What voices are crying out from the edge? What do we need to do to prepare the way for God’s justice?

3rd Sunday of Advent “Awaiting Christ: Watching the Trees” (Worship Service) Scripture: Isaiah 64:4-6 “Fading Leaves” and Mark 13:28-33 “New Leaves.” What’s withering and fading, what’s budding and coming into being? Where’s Christ now?

4th Sunday of Advent “Awaiting Christ: Standing in the Fields” (Worship Service Script includes Children’s Processional) Scripture: Isaiah 40:9-11 “Shepherding God” and Luke 2:8-14 “Shepherds and Angels.” Who are our shepherds and angels today? How is God tending the faithful flock?

Christmas Eve “Awaiting Christ: Celebrating in the Barn” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 “Manger Born” and Isiah 9:2-7 “Triumphant Light.” Past the closed doors awaits an unexpectedly open stable. What fabulous light is breaking forth in our darkness tonight?


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