Saints Series for Advent-Christmas-Feast of Epiphany

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Russian Orthodox  Menaion Icon (month of August), 19th century

© Kathryn M Schreiber, 2016. Fits Advent-Epiphany Year A.


7-Sunday Morning Services, 1-Christmas Eve Service, 1-Advent-Feast of Epiphany “Saints” Spiritual Practices 4-page handout

This holiday season we turn to the saints, persons of authentic spiritual integrity to open our hearts, minds, and souls to the still-being-born Christ. Their stories reveal living faith which shows up in real time to address real situations.

Eight saints, one for each of seven Sunday services plus Christmas Eve, encourage our anticipation and celebration of God Emmanuel – The One Among Us. Each service focuses on a saint’s inspiring life of faith. Blessed Julian of Norwich, Saint Martin de Porres, The Virgin de Guadalupe, Saint Patrick, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Nicholas of Smyrna, Saint Joseph (father of Jesus), and Saint Mary (mother of Jesus) people this series which has been specially designed for use during the Advent-Christmas-Feast of Epiphany season, but can be used anytime.  Subscriptions include an Advent-Epiphany Devotional Handout with guidelines for lighting candles and praying with the saints. These materials are designed for use by individuals as well as worshipping communities.  

Each service contains scripture notations, meditation quote, Advent/Christ Candle ritual, prayers, music and Children’s Time suggestions, as well as a narrative of the focus saint. Some services also include additional thematic content. Please see details below. Content is delivered via emailed PDF files, though WORD documents are available to Public Use subscribers for ease in creating production media.

Our Saints Shrines Coloring Book, Vol 1 features these eight saints is available separately. Artwork may be used for worship bulletins and slides. Also, follow our FB page “Living Liturgies” for images and quotes from the saints throughout the 2016-2017 holiday season.

November 27, 2016: 1st Sunday of Advent “Blessed Julian of Norwich: God’s Goodness” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 2:1-5 “Going to God’s House” and Psalm 122 “Peace upon the Nation.” Julian models for us faith in God’s goodness during times of social challenges.

December 4, 2016: 2nd Sunday of Advent “Saint Martin de Porres: God’s Beloveds” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 11:1-10 “God’s Righteous One” and Psalm 72:1-7, 18-19 “Justice for the Poor.” Martin models for us God’s love for all beings, especially the vulnerable. Includes Holy Communion.

December 11, 2016: 3rd Sunday of Advent “The Virgin de Guadalupe: God’s Plans” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 35:1-10 “Transformations to Come” and Luke 1:46b-55 “Praising God’s Faithfulness.” The Virgin’s appearances to Juan Diego model for us a resilient “flor y canto” faith.

December 18, 2016: 4th Sunday of Advent “Saint Patrick: God’s Protection” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 7:10-16 “Asking God for a Sign” and Psalm 80:1-7, 17-19 “Calling upon Shepherd God.” Patrick models for us a faith protected by Christ which allows us to return to difficult places.

December 24, 2016: Christmas Eve “Saint Francis of Assisi: God’s Peace” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Luke 2:1-20 “The Birth of Christ” and Psalm 96 “Singing a New Song”. Francis models for us a faith devoted to the newborn Christ celebrating God’s eternally new song of peace and goodwill for all. Child-friendly service includes crèche devotion, Holy Communion, candle rituals.

December 25, 2016: Christmas Day “Saint Nicholas: God’s Gift” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 52:7-10 “Song for the Messiah” and Psalm 98 “All Creation Sings a New Song.” Nicolas models for us liberating gift-giving which honors Christ’s incarnation. Includes transformative gift-giving ideas to promote before Christmas Day.

January 1, 2017: 1st Sunday after Christmas “Saint Joseph: God’s Guidance” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 63:7-9 “God’s Distress” and Matthew 2:13-23 “Called to Escape.” Joseph models for us a faith in God which courageously responds in times of distress and danger. Includes Holy Communion.

January 6, 2017: Epiphany “Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus: God’s Treasure” (Worship Service Content) Scripture: Isaiah 60:1-6 “Rise and Shine” and Matthew 2:1-12 “Star-led Magi.” Mary models for us a faith which treasures what is from God no matter what else is going on.


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