Questions of Race, Power and Privilege Series

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  • 7-Sunday Morning Services, 2-Special Services, 1-Devotional Reading
  • 91 pages of content: 68-pages worship services, 23-pages text graphics

Asking very important questions about race, power and privilege in the US deepens a Christian ethic of humility, accountability, mutuality, solidarity and liberation manifested by intention and action.  PDF content includes scripture readings, worship prayers, rituals, sermon notes and readers scripts for some services, as well as video resources. Public Use subscriptions include WORD docs for preparing worship graphics. Our related “Mandorlas Coloring Book” and images are available separately.

Ash Wednesday “Questions for God” (Worship service script)  Key Scriptures: Joel 2:12-17; Psalm 51:1-17; Matthew 6:1-6, 16-21. We ask God three important questions: “What Sacrifice Do You Desire, O God?” “Will You Fix Us, O God?” “How Should We Practice, O God?” Script includes rituals for cleansing hands and the imposition of ashes.

1st Sunday of Lent “Whose Needs are Met?”(Worship content) Scripture: Luke 4:1-13. Jesus faces three challenges regarding possessions, pride, and power. With whom does Jesus align himself? How might Jesus’ choices guide us in our decisions about the moral use of our possessions, pride, and power? How do we wake up to White privilege?

2nd Sunday of Lent “Who’s in Danger?”(Worship content) Key Scripture: Psalm 27 and Luke 13:31-35. Jesus faces real threats as does the Psalmist. Both seek to embody God’s encouragement despite real harm. Who’s in danger today? How might we be open to the needs of those in danger and act in holy solidarity? Includes reflections on race and incarceration in the US.

3rd Sunday of Lent “Who’s Guilty?”(Worship content) Key Scripture: Luke 13:1-9. When questions arise about sinfulness and punishment Jesus steers the conversation towards God’s mercy and the accountability of those posturing as not sinful. Can we pass through this story portal admitting our sins and how we’ve profited from others’ sins while leaning upon God’s grace? How does our racism impact the blame game?

4th Sunday of Lent “What’s Fair?”(Worship content) Key Scripture: Luke 15:1-3, 11b-32. Jesus tells the story of the Prodigal Son. Depending upon the character which we identify with, we have different visions of what is fair. Can Jesus show us a vision of social brokenness and repair which includes everyone? Includes materials for reflecting upon race and economics and the on-going impact of slavery. Holy Communion celebrates the full welcome and restoration of all who have been, and may still be, excluded.

5th Sunday of Lent “What’s my Motive?” (Worship content) Key Scripture: John 12:1-8. When an extraordinary gift is questioned, Jesus challenges the one asking the question. Sometimes actions cloak motives, maybe subconsciously. This story invites us to enter the paradox of loving Christ amid our diverse agendas. Includes materials about race/ethnicity and poverty in the US and the tensions of classism in a “classless” society.

 6th Sunday of Lent (Palm Sunday) “Whose Support?” (Worship content) Key Scripture: Luke 19:28-40. Entering Jerusalem, Jesus is confident that strangers and stones will support God’s Anointed One even as naysayers speak out. How might we engage the Christ presence among us when resistance arises? How might we hear truth spoken when we are in a position of privilege? How does one speak up, against, into power?

“The Passion Story with Questions” (Worship script) Key Scripture: Luke 22:14-49. Service features the entire community in a slightly adapted reading of Luke’s Passion story. Script includes other worship content such as a celebration of The Last Supper.

Maundy Thursday “Who Serves Whom?” and Good Friday “Whose Authority?” (Devotional reading) Key Scriptures: John 1-17, 31b-35 and John 18:1-19:42. Script for a devotional reading of the text for private or group use on Thursday and Friday or as one continuous reading.

Easter Sunday: “Where is Christ?” (Worship content) Key Scripture: Luke 24:1-12. In the empty tomb we bring our questions hoping to find the Eternal Christ. Service content includes celebration of Holy Communion, as well as suggestions for celebrating Easter. Includes link to a first-person audio sermon inspired by BLM. Where does a mother find God when her son has been killed by the state?


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