Women Series I: Lent-Easter


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7-Sunday Morning Services, 1-Sunday Morning Vigil, 2-Special Services

This Lent-Easter series reenters the early days of Christianity with a “Hermeneutics of Creative Imagination” lifting up the voices of women who knew Jesus firsthand while honoring the legions of women who have come to call Jesus their Teacher, Healer, Messiah, Friend, and Mystical Companion.  Each service promotes an inclusive, inquiring Christian faith that uplifts and brings people together through the vivacious testimonies of honest women.

Primary content for each service in this series is a script — either text for a sermon or as a reader’s script for the entire service. Each service includes original content for preaching, praying and rituals; hymn and reading suggestions; preparation guidelines. Content is delivered via email as PDF documents. WORD versions of all content are available for internal production, public subscriptions only. Please request when ordering (see below).

Ash Wednesday “Create in Me a Clean Heart” Focus Scripture: Psalm 51:1-17. Worship Service Script includes chanting, readings, and ritual cleansing (of hands) followed by the imposition of ashes. (Also available separately.)

1st Sunday of Lent “Mary Magdalene: His TemptationsScripture: Matthew 4:1-11 and Luke 8:1-3. Sermon Script: Introduction to Mary of Magdalen followed by a conversation between Jesus and Mary about temptation and discerning the Voice among other voices.

2nd Sunday of Lent “Mother Mary: His Births” Scripture: John 3:1-17 and Luke 2:41-52. Sermon Script: Introduction to Mary, the mother of Jesus, followed by her first-person account of what it was like to be his mother and also to know him as Christ.

3rd Sunday of Lent “Samaritan Woman: His Gifts” Scripture: John 4:5-42. Sermon Script: Introduction to a “Hermeneutics of Suspicion” and feminist biblical scholarship which questions how scripture is used to separate and diminish when Jesus’ ministry sought to include and uplift.

4th Sunday of Lent Blind Man’s Mother: Sacred Vision” Scripture: John 9. Sermon Script: First-person account from the unnamed woman questions Jewish moral teaching and finds in rabbi Jesus a healer who manifests God by healing whole communities.

5th Sunday of Lent “Martha and Mary: Beloved Faith” Scripture: Luke 10:38-42 and John 1:1-45. Sermon Script: Introduction to 1st Century women and the prominence of female “diakonia” in the Jesus movement. Should we reevaluate Martha and Mary’s critical role as Church founders?

6th Sunday of Lent (Palm Sunday) “Women in the Crowd: Our Hope” Scripture: Matthew 21:1-11. Sermon Script: Reframing “the crowd” considering the various women who supported Jesus as he entered Jerusalem to include all the women who have welcomed and served Jesus Christ in the centuries since.

Holy Week “Women of the Passion” Inspired by Christian Scripture and Writings, this flowing narrative tells the story of Christ’s Passion from the perspective of five women. Reader’s Worship Script is written for six voices: Narrator, High Priest’s Maid, Claudia, Veronica, Mary Mother of Jesus, and Mary the Magdalene. Service begins with Holy Communion served by women.

Easter Vigil “With The Daughters of Jerusalem” Scripture: Luke 23:26-31 and John 20:1-18.  Worship script for a daybreak service, preferably outside, as worshippers gather with the women who accompanied Jesus in his journey to and through the Tomb.

Easter Sunday: The Magdalene: Endless Love” Scripture: John 20:1-18. Sermon Script: We experience the Empty Tomb and ongoing ministry of Jesus the Risen Christ from the perspective of the woman who knew him best, Mary of Magdala. Includes celebration of Holy Communion, as well as other suggestions for celebrating Easter, and a handout with the Legend of Mary Magdalene and the giving of eggs at Easter.

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