Mothers Day Prayer 2018

2018 05 08 1051

O One of Many Names, this Mother’s Day we lean into Your Everlasting Arms.

We come as mothers and nurturing parents who need Your comfort and assurance that we are good enough for our children. Speak to our souls the encouraging messages we need.

We come as children of moms, living and dead, who host a range of emotions today – gratitude, sorrow, confusion, and hurt. Healing One, bless the tender places in our hearts.

We come as people who have not raised our own children but who have channeled our maternal forces into works of art and gardens, caring for neighbors and extended family, serving in classrooms and boardrooms. May we see our mother-selves as You see us.

We all come to You as Your adopted children, each precious beyond measure. Today, may we sense Your never-ending love for each of us and Your uplifting, righteous Mama-pride in each living being.  Amen.

Photo and Prayer: © 2018, Kathryn M Schreiber

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