A Big Love Poem: “Love Everything”

2018 03 02 0925

photo and poem (c) Kathryn M Schreiber, 2018


Love Everything

Love the neighbor who always puts the trash bin in the wrong place;

Love the tree branch taping against the window when the breeze is strong;

Love the face that is aging with more character than grace;

Love the food that is in the refrigerator and on the shelf.


Love the hurt child that hides in your heart;

Love the frightened child that lives in detention;

Love the acorn whose side split open too soon;

Love the mother oak who prays for a few of her offspring to live.


Love the cold creak of the wooden front porch;

Love the surprisingly loud snoring of the cat;

Love the old scar on your hand from a forgotten danger;

Love the scent of hot coffee brewed in silence this morning.


Love the person you’ve been taught to fear;

Love the faith which most protects your vulnerable body;

Love the inner gift which releases your clutch on hatred;

Love the wonder which has called you to live at this critical time.


Love the buzz of workers making things you will never buy;

Love the tears of an old woman remembering someone dear;

Love the smell of a spent candle and its cooling wax;

Love the ride of being here – the highs and the lows.


Love everything.

Love everyone, even your own precious self.

There is no door so stuck

it cannot be opened with love.

But know this, dear ones, love takes time.

Be patient.

Love everything.

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