2021 Lenten-Easter Series: Christian Community

Image: “The Risen Lord” by He Qui

Hello Dear Ones, as has been true throughout COVID-19, we are developing content lead by the Holy Spirit. Our content aligns with the liturgical year, but not always with liturgical pericopes (designated readings).

This Lent we take a further departure from lectionary readings and themes to focus upon the Christian COMMUNITY, a theme usually observed after Easter. Given what has been happening in our lives, what is happening in our world, this Lent feels like the right time to practice an intentional, introspective gaze upon ourselves as Christian community. To examine our roots and some key principles as our calling to be the Church, the Body of Christ.

We are building this bridge of consciousness as we go – so no advance plan this year. However, these are some themes we’re working on, most have not be assigned to a specific Sunday. Some may not appear in our final offerings.

May God bless you and your community as you discern your way forward this Lent and Easter. We are all following the same Christ. May that be a good and deep blessing!

2021 Lenten-Easter Themes:

Lent 1  “Christians” – Pentecost to Antioch. United by the Holy Spirit, trying out “Christian” as a name for the followers of Jesus.

“Through Jesus Christ” – Bonhoeffer teaches that the Christian community is grounded in what Christ has already done for each of us. We are called to gratitude first. (see his book: Life Together)

“Beloved Community” – MLK used this term to describe the racially inclusive human community.

“By Our Love” – 1 John writings call us to love each other. The beloved hymn also calls us to be in solidarity with and protect each other.

Maundy Thursday “Servanthood” – Recalling Jesus’ washing the feet of this disciples, we remember our call to serve each other.

“Mystic Sweet Communion” – The eternal reality of the Christian community throughout time and place.

2 Easter “Body of Christ” – Theresa of Avila reminded her sisters that “Christ has no body now but ours.” Resurrection in community.

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