Lent-Easter 2022: Transitioning With God

Hello Dear Ones! We are looking forward to Lent/Easter 2022 – my first planned approach to Easter since the pandemic began. I’ve been extremely Holy Spirit-led (spontaneous) these past two years.

Our Lenten journey this year features examples of God’s evolving companionship with the Hebrew people during significant transitions. These stories speak to our own Turning Time as we, too, look back, take a breath, and ponder a better future with God’s help. I hope my offerings will be a blessing to you and the communities you serve.  

Content (below) aligns with Year C, though creative adaptation may come into play. I will post worship content early in the week of each service as I’m a full-time parish minister sharing these liturgies as they are created for our community. I will try to post Holy Week content further out. (Fingers crossed.)

As has been true throughout the pandemic, there is no charge for the content I post, however, we do appreciate your donations. At this time, we only accept paper checks (I know… we’re on our own technology journey). Send to: Treasurer, Berkeley Chinese Community Church, UCC 2117 Acton Street, Berkeley, CA 94702. Make check out to BCCC, indicate for “Living Liturgies” or “LL.” Thank you very much!


Ash Wednesday: “Tender Return” Joel 2. God’s MERCY (w/imposition of ashes)

Lent 1: “Good Things” Deuteronomy 26. God’s FAITHFULNESS

Lent 2: “Counting Stars” Genesis 15. God’s PROMISES

Lent 3: “Better Plans” Isaiah 55. God’s GUIDANCE

Lent 4: “Manna to Harvest” Joshua 5. God’s PROVISION

Lent 5: “A New Thing” Isaiah 43. God’s INNOVATION

Lent 6/Palm Sunday: “Everlasting Love” Psalm 118. God’s LOVE

Maundy Thursday: “Protected” Exodus 12. God’s PROTECTION (w/Passover-Last Supper)

Good Friday: “A New Law” Hebrews 10. God’s FLEXIBILITY

Easter: “Not Done Yet” John 20. God’s PRESENCE

About the image for this series: The drawing was made in the late 1970s while I was studying art in college. One morning, recently, vibrant colors from a prism in another room hit this black and white image with a bold tattoo of rainbow color. Hope leapt in my soul! May that happen to all of us this Lent/Easter season as we remember God’s faithfulness and expect the Good Things that ARE COMING!

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