Living Liturgies TRANSITIONING WITH GOD – Lent-Easter 2022 — updated

Photo: Rev. Kathryn M Schreiber ©2022, close up of artwork (c)1978. Worship format and original content: Rev. Kathryn M. Schreiber ©2022.

Our Lenten journey this year features examples of God’s evolving companionship with the Hebrew people during significant transitions. These stories speak to our own Turning Time as we, too, look back, take a breath, and ponder a better future.

Ash Wednesday: “Tender Return” Joel 2. God’s MERCY (w/imposition of ashes) (published 2/22/22) A call for individual and communal humbling before God for the wellbeing of all beings.

Lent 1: “God’s Faithfulness: Gratitude for What WILL Come” Deuteronomy 26:1-11 with Installation of Officers and Holy Communion (published 3/1/22) Being grateful for what has not yet come – growing a spiritual imagination and trust in God.

Lent 2: “God’s Promises: Aligning to Wonder” Genesis 15:1-9 (published 3/10/22) God’s middle of the night conversation with Abram; honesty + wonder = new possibilities

Lent 3: “God’s Guidance: The Better Way Forward” Isaiah 55:1-9 (published 3/15/22) Taking a pause to be led by God; open to divine wisdom and guidance – despite our personal agendas.

Lent 4: “God’s Provision: Manna to Harvest” Joshua 5:9-12 (published 3/22/22) God provides as help is needed, but doesn’t encourage dependence. God’s gifts are not crutches to keep us reliant upon God in our weaknesses.

Lent 5: “God’s Innovation: A New Thing” Isaiah 43:15-21 (published 3/28/22) Opening to God’s New Thing after a season of loss.

Lent 6/Palm Sunday: “God’s Eternal Response: Steadfast Love” with Global Palm Processional Psalm 118:1-4; 19-29 and Luke 19:35-38 – waving palms (seated) and proclaiming God’s goodness in all places of suffering.

Maundy Thursday-Good Friday: “God’s Liberating Presence: Passover and Passion: Exodus 12:1-13, Psalm 22, and Stations of the Cross (published 4/1/2022) Liberation from physical and psychological slavery, God provides a way out of suffering and sin in all times, in many ways.

Easter: “God’s Presence: More to Come” John 20:1-18 (w/Holy Communion) What is still in progress? Where is God through the Eternal Christ rising among us?

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