Saints Shrines Coloring Book, Vol 1



©2016, for use alone or with ADVENT-FEAST OF EPIPHANY: SAINTS SERIES

(Image: Shrine for Julian of Norwich, which has been colored.)



8 Saint Shrine Images, Prayer for Invoking the Saints

Our first volume of Saint Shrines features contemplative images honoring Blessed Julian of Norwich, Saint Martin de Porres, The Virgin de Guadalupe, Saint Patrick, Saint Francis of Assisi, Saint Nicholas of Myra, Saint Joseph (father of Jesus), and Saint Mary (mother of Jesus). Inspired by classical icons, these modern spiritual graphics feature holy message “conversation ribbons,” spirals for writing your own prayers and symbolic artwork. Shrines may be folded and used as standing devotional triptychs.

Eight meditative images released as PDF files, two images per 8.5” x 11” sheet, plus a page with devotional use guidelines and prayers. Individual images may also be used for bulletin covers, worship slides, and online media as per subscription rate.

These saints are the same featured in Living Liturgies’ Advent-Feast of Epiphany: Saints Series (2016) available separately. For additional coloring images for Advent-Christmas season, see our Trees Coloring Sheets (2015). Our FB page “Living Liturgies” which will feature “saintly” images and quotes throughout the 2016-2017 holiday season.


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