Holiday Care: Add some “SALT”

IMG_2440by Rev. Kathryn M. Schreiber, M. Div. * November 2018

If you’re experiencing holiday challenges or difficulties please consider one or more of these four mindfulness/spiritual practice techniques:

S – SHIFT:  Intentionally shift negative thoughts toward more positive ones. Beware of being stuck in thought loops which reinforce disappointment or hurt. Instead of repeating shaming or painful internal narratives, push yourself to tell a different, more uplifting story. Literally speak out loud an account of something good going on which gives you hope. Use your personal power to shift your attention onto what is truly positive and hopeful.

A – ACCEPT:  Change happens. Things don’t work out as we’d planned. Losses are real. During the holiday season we especially notice changes, both the joyful and sad ones. Carve out a little private time for yourself alone or with a favorite companion and list what is different this year. Light a candle, say a prayer, and honor your truth. Make space for others to do so, too; everybody is going through something. Be especially kind to yourself as you accept what is different this year

L – LET GO:  The holidays get especially tense when we clutch onto unrealistic expectations for ourselves and others. Listen to your body – where is your tension? Place a hand on that part of your body. Take a deep breath and listen. What pressure does it carry? What responsibility would it like to release? It may help to ask yourself very specific “yes” or “no” questions, such as: “Do I want to go to tonight’s event?” Discern what you can let go of and negotiate what you can’t. Peacefulness may come just by noticing what you really need.

T – TREASURE:  No matter what is or isn’t going on in our lives there are always a few precious blessings to receive. Make time to witness what your soul truly savors – it might be surprising. In the evening, lightly review the day for what was most pleasant, enjoyable. Where were you? What were you doing? Which senses were engaged? Replay that pleasant memory three times. We are designed for joy. Harvest your deepest sense of what is valuable to you for a much richer holiday season.

Most of us experience highs and lows during the holiday season. We find our way forward with help from others. Sometimes, our situation is such that we really need specialized care. If you are feeling especially low or hopeless, or know someone who is, please don’t hesitate to call the Suicide Prevention Hotline: 1-800-273-8255 or go immediately to a hospital ER room. Help is available.

Take care! In the Big Love,

Rev. Kathryn M Schreiber, M.Div.

Solstice Soul Circle, Thursday, December 20th noon to 12:25pm.  On Solstice Eve we call forth sacred light preparing for the Longest Night (Dec 21). $15.00

Holiday Care Package, Thursday, December 20th afternoon. Acupuncture treatment from Jonathan Pang RN, NCTMB and a private 30-minute session with Rev Kathryn Schreiber. Call/email for details.

Private Appointments. Meet with Rev Kathryn in person or via Skype. $125-150/hr. Need-based sliding scale considered. 510-921-6905,

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